Our industry leading SLA 3D printer has a max. resolution of 22 microns. For objects requiring high precision and detail, SLA technology can ensure the model surface is smooth without any defects.


Our proprietary WX80 castable resin is suitable for printing high-precision dental and jewellery models. WX80 is odourless and achieves a clean burnout in standard cycles with a 95% casting success rate.


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Advanced SLA printer with a resolution of 22um
Castable resin perfect for jewellery applications
  • WX80 Castable
  • SLA 3D Printer


We do not edit or modify uploaded files, please make sure you double check your files for any changes before you upload them. Please check your file for the correct sizes and its content before uploading to our system. NOTE: Models must be closed polysurface with a measurable volume, we are unable to fix holes in your files.

Shrinkage in lost-wax casting is an issue that must be carefully managed, shrinkage can occur in all types of metals during casting; therefore, we must compensate for shrinkage in modelling. In the case of casting in silver, gold, or bronze, the shrinkage is approx. 1.5%, if you need rubber moulds after casting, please set your shrinkage to approx. 3%.

SLA printers require supports in printing. We will try to minimise the use of supports to keep important texture and details intact during printing. All fees include standard post-processing but does not come with support removal. Support removal should be quoted separately depending on the complexity of your model.

Once you you get a quote from our system, you will need to pay for any outstanding charges before we can start any production. The turnaround time is usually under 24 hours. For objects larger than 5cm or orders with many items, the production time may vary and we will notify you the estimated delivery information.

1. Please place engravings, and intricate designs on the front-top position for better results.
2. Thinner structures require thickness of at least 0.5mm, the longer the item, thicker the item.
3. Engravings and intricate designs should at least be 0.3mm in dimensions and in uniform spacing.
4. It is recommended to design only pilot holes instead of prongs during modelling.
5. Tube structure require inside diameter to approx. 1.5mm, the longer the tube, bigger the diameter.
6. Try to avoid large flat surface objects as these items tend to wrap and deform during post-processing.
3D print accuracy is usually under 0.1mm, for objects like bolts and nuts, please leave a 0.15mm spacing.
8. Sheet metal designs should have thickness of at least 0.5mm, rubber moulds require at least 0.6mm thickness.

1. Objects that are too large to fit into a standard flask cannot be produced by most casting vendors.
2. Mesh objects and tubings are generally difficult to rubber mould.
3. Solid objects are challenging to cast, it is recommended to hollow your models and print them separately.

Resin in general is not recommended to cast directly in platinum, please make rubber mould and cast platinum using wax. At HAOYANG we provide platinum casting service with high success rates, please contact us for more information.

We use HTTPS end-to-end encryption for all your uploaded files. We do not keep your files on our system after production is complete. For returning customers, we provide confidentiality agreements for additional privacy protection.


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