Designer Hao-Yang Lai Gains International Recognition With Unique Design

(Taipei Report) Taiwanese jewellery designer Hao-Yang Lai is known for combining his cultural heritage with modern metalworking techniques to produce bespoke jewellery with style. HAOYANG Jewellery Co. is opening its store in Maple Garden this coming November.

▲Hao-Yang Lai (left) with Caroline Broadhead (right) at Central Saint Martins. (Provided by HAOYANG)

The “Monstera” pendant designed by Hao-Yang Lai is a masterpiece of metalwork and optical diamond setting techniques. The piece is inspired from the natural shape and forms found in nature. With years of training and craftsmanship, Hao-Yang has transformed heavy blocks of metal into light and streamlined designs that of a falling leaf.

▲”Monstera” pendant, 2021, materials: 18k white gold set with diamonds. (Provided by HAOYANG)

Recalling his experience at Central Saint Martins, Hao-Yang originally wanted to pursue a career in product design; however, he decided to step into jewellery design when his tutor discovered his talent in jewellery design. Upon graduation, Hao-Yang received the Swarovski Scholarship Award, one of the most competitive awards in the college. At the time, students from all over the world applied, but only few were selected. Looking back, Hao-Yang feels very honoured to be selected. In the same year, Hao-Yang also won the Theo Fennell Best Design Award, becoming one of the upcoming jewellery artists at the graduation show. Unfortunately, shortly after receiving these awards, Hao-Yang had to return to his home country to serve in the conscription service, turning away job offers from many international jewellery brands.

▲The award-winning design Anthropocene, 2019, materials: fresh water pearls, composite materials. (Provided by HAOYANG)

When Hao-Yang was in the conscription service, he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and travelled to Guatemala for the “Entrepreneurship and Incubation Program” supported by Guatemalan Government and local NGOs. The program aims to help small to medium-sized companies in Guatemala with fundraising, strategy, marketing, management, and many more. With the business experiences during his time in Guatemala, Hao-Yang decided to leave the program to start his own jewellery business in 2020.

▲From design to production, the studio provides a complete in-house bespoke jewellery experience. (Provided by HAOYANG)

In addition to being a jewellery designer, Hao-Yang is also a well-known photographer. With this cultural aesthetic immersions, he has achieved great success both domestically and internationally. Much of his work focuses on exploring the beauty and lines of the female form. Hao-Yang’s works have been published in magazines and exhibited alongside other well-known artists around the world. With his photographic aesthetic as foundation, Hao-Yang is able to better cater to individual tastes and bespoke jewellery commissions.

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