Designer Hao-Yang Lai Mastering the Art of Titanium Jewellery Gains Traction

(Taipei Report) The works of jewellery designer Hao-Yang Lai (HAOYANG) are now on display at the Taipei Mayor’s Residence until 14th November.

Figure 1. The “Flower Brooch”, is now on display at the Taipei Mayor’s Residence, showcasing the beauty of titanium jewellery. (Provided by HAOYANG)

Common metals found in jewellery are mostly precious metals such as platinum, silver, and gold. However, in recent years, the use of experimental materials such as titanium has become a trend, and has made its way into major auction houses and museum collections. Generally, titanium is most commonly used in aerospace and in the medical sector; however, the metal has found its applications in the jewellery industry. The use of titanium in jewellery has many advantages. First, titanium is a light weight metal. The weight of titanium jewellery is only a fraction compared to gold jewellery, which makes titanium jewellery pieces more wearable. Furthermore, titanium contains a full range of colours, making titanium jewellery unique and desirable. Finally, titanium is resistant or corrosions and scratches, it has excellent structural integrity and is difficult to damage or deform, making jewellery creations permanent collections that can be passed down for generations.

Figure 2. The production of titanium jewellery is challenging, only a few brands in the world today have the technologies to produce titanium jewellery. (Provided by HAOYANG)

Production of titanium jewellery is technically challenging, its hardness and instant reaction to oxygen makes titanium difficult to manufacture in any professional environment, traditional casting techniques cannot not be used with titanium. To overcome this, designer Hao-Yang Lai invested in his own equipments. Hao-Yang has since developed and mastered the key technologies of producing titanium jewellery independently. Only few designer brands today have the ability to create bespoke titanium pieces.

Hao-Yang first developed his interest in titanium jewellery during his studies in the UK, and later decided to establish his own company to research titanium manufacturing processes. He insists that all jewellery is produced in-house because the industry lacks innovation and motivation, Hao-Yang hopes to combine traditional jewellery with cutting-edge materials, pursue ultimate craftsmanship and aesthetics, and carry on traditional jewellery making techniques that may be lost with younger generations.

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